4 Front Safety & Security Consultants cc trading as 4 Front Consultants are registered as a business that provides Occupational Health, Safety , Security, Human Resources as well as training services to all businesses nationally.

 Vision of 4 Front Consultants

“We build business through growing people”

Mission of 4 Front Consultants

The mission of 4 Front Consultants is to provide a holistic approach to Occupational Health and Safety Compliance as well as Human Resources Conformance and Development.  To promote and support the development of Business practices and individuals within Organisations.  Our interventions are designed to meet various levels of needs and objectives that will create a better workplace environment for all

Our Aim

The main aim of our business is to offer workable, Client specific solutions to businesses in ensuring that they become and remain compliant within all relevant Legislative guidelines.  Through an integrated approach we are able to remain focused on the “human” aspect within “Human Resources”.


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